BP Naturally

My Drug-Free Journey of Managing Bipolar Disorder


You can call me “K”. I am a woman. A Muslim woman. A revert of about 11 years. I am a writer, a mother of seven (3 birth, 4 step), an artist. I am mulatto, mixed race… and that’s important, that defines so much of me. I am a wife, still very much in love with my husband. I am an ex-wife too, no,  things don’t always go as planned. I am bipolar or I have bipolar, I go back and forth with this idea frequently. I am to be 30 years old this year, insha’Allah (God-Willing) 2012. I am a small business owner, an entrepreneur. I am American. I am a lot of things. I am rarely brief, so count your blessings.

This is a blog detailing my journey of managing Bipolar Disorder without medication. I will talk on many subjects, from natural coping methods through yoga, meditation, faith, to management methods like mood journaling, specific diet, exercise, supplements, to potential cures, yes, I am searching for a cure. And Allah says there is a cure for every disease, so I believe wholeheartedly that there is a cure to this disease and I don’t think I’ll find it in a lab. I will take an organized approach, trying out different methods for a number of weeks and reporting my progress. I hope this will help you decide to try new natural methods of managing your condition as well. I will also post resources, book reviews, inspirational art & writing, and a journal of my thoughts and experiences. You’ll get to know me if you stick around, so make a cup of tea and have a seat… I’d love to get to know you as well.

Because after my initial diagnosis I tried various meds and, for one reason or another, I ended up off medication and without a doctor for the last several years. In that time I have let BPD take over my life in many ways… I have coped, but not always as well as I could have and now I want to make a change. I want to make active changes, learn management methods that work, take back control of my life and find balance and happiness again. I have no doubts that this is possible, it will only take commitment and time, insha’Allah. So I decided to blog about it, not only for myself, to make myself more accountable, but for you. Because I know there are others suffering through the abuse of psychiatrists and doctors through anti-psychotics and chemical mood regulators, through sleeping pills and God knows what else. I know there are others who want to “wake up,” who want to feel like themselves again, and who want to live with BPD without being oppressed by it. There are others who want to manage this naturally and just don’t know where to start. So I am here to share my journey, and maybe help you find a starting point, insha’Allah.


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